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Meet The Author

Chananya Hoffinger - Class Designer

Chananya Hoffinger is the developer of the Gemara Academy method and curriculum.

Chananya has 7 years of experience teaching Gemara and experienced firsthand the difficulties that arise when learning and teaching Gemara.

Chananya is also one of the writers of the Daf Yomi website dafhachaim.org

Our Program Overview

Gemara Academy has totally transformed my classroom. My students appreciate seeing in front of them a clear map of the day's Gemara, as well as the different forms of learning and review that are consistent in each lesson. Also with Gemara academy our Chavrusa time has become much more efficient and productive with a much heavier load of thoughtful questions from the Talmidim.
Rabbi Shimon Emlen, Teacher and Development Manager, MMSC Day School

The Class Outlines presents 3 things:

  1. The section of Gemara he will be learning in that class
  2. The components of the Gemara e.g. statement, question, answer, and proof
  3. The keywords in that class followed by an explanation for each of them
Class Outlines
Introducing new ideas, concepts or quotes from other places to facilitate a thorough understanding of the Gemara
Introduction Classes
Mapping out the Gemara with a Flowchart that mirrors and parallels the Gemara text. This provides a picture of the Gemara discussion
Flowchart Classes
The text classes serve to provide a text based experience. The ultimate goal of learning Gemara is to develop the ability to independently learn a piece Gemara.
Text Classes

Questions on the vocabulary words of the Gemara
Assessments, Sample 1
Questions on the key vocabulary words of the Gemara
Assessments, Sample 2
Question on the order of the discussion of the Gemara
Assessments, Sample 3
Questions on the breakdown of the Gemara text
Assessments, Sample 4

Learn from 700+ classes